Our Principle Companies

Theben manufactures best motion sensors and complete range of actuators with per channel current metering.
For more info visit : http://www.theben.de/
BAB Technologie GmbH is a manufacturer of innovative and high performance KNX products.
For more info visit : http://www.bab-tec.de/
DINUY is a family owned company, founded at the begining of the fifties, manufacturing staircase lighting switches and doorchimes initially.
For more info visit : http://www.dinuy.com/
Lingg & Janke
Lingg & Janke has smart electrical meters for electricity, gas, water etc.
For more info visit : http://www.lingg-janke.de/en/
In 1993 a group of professionals founded Integral Sound Electronics SA (EISSOUND) with the aim of introducing a novel idea to the Multiroom Audio sector.
For more info visit : http://www.eissound.com/es/inicio.htm
b+b automation has diagnostic tools like EIB doctor and gateways to other technologies.
For more info visit : http://www.bb-steuerungstechnik.de/
Trust | Smart Home
The Trust SmartHome system consists of transmitters and receivers to wirelessly control lights, appliances, blinds/screens and chimes/doorbells.
For more info visit : http://www.coco-technology.com/en/home/
Ingenium is a designer, developer and manufacturer of home automation technology.
For more info visit : http://besknx.com/website/en/
Power Track with Integrated Cable Management. GSS System is a patented safe product found in all Power Tracks and Wall Sockets.
For more info visit : http://www.eubiq.com/
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