Our Principle Companies

Theben manufactures best motion sensors and complete range of actuators with per channel current metering.
For more info visit : http://www.theben.de/
BAB Technologie GmbH is a manufacturer of innovative and high performance KNX products.
For more info visit : http://www.bab-tec.de/
DINUY is a family owned company, founded at the begining of the fifties, manufacturing staircase lighting switches and doorchimes initially.
For more info visit : http://www.dinuy.com/
Lingg & Janke
Lingg & Janke has smart electrical meters for electricity, gas, water etc.
For more info visit : http://www.lingg-janke.de/en/
Connects to active speakers, iEAST SoundStream will turn your traditional audio system into wireless, which allows you to control the wireless audio system in much more convenient way.
For more info visit : https://www.ieast.net/
b+b automation has diagnostic tools like EIB doctor and gateways to other technologies.
For more info visit : http://www.bb-steuerungstechnik.de/
Trust | Smart Home
The Trust SmartHome system consists of transmitters and receivers to wirelessly control lights, appliances, blinds/screens and chimes/doorbells.
For more info visit : http://www.coco-technology.com/en/home/
Ingenium is a designer, developer and manufacturer of home automation technology.
For more info visit : http://besknx.com/website/en/
Power Track with Integrated Cable Management. GSS System is a patented safe product found in all Power Tracks and Wall Sockets.
For more info visit : http://www.eubiq.com/
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