KNX Standard

The KNX bus system can be used for a very wide range of building control and automation applications across all market sectors from Industrial / commercial through to residential Projects. It is typical for the system to be used for many different applications on any one Project.

Typical KNX applications:
  • Lighting control applications
  • Blind and solar control
  • Window control / natural ventilation
  • Field control of HVAC
  • Under floor heating control
  • Metering and energy management
  • Security applications
  • Monitoring systems
  • AV Control and interfacing
  • Smart home automation systems
  • Touch screen control & visualization packages
  • IP connectivity & remote access systems
  • Interfaces with many third party systems
  • Many other forms of control & automation.
  • There is no limit to the size and scale of the KNX system as the technology is equally well suited to large-scale projects and small residential projects alike. There are many reference projects to demonstrate the strength of the system.
    For information on knx please visit the website:
    For information on knx consultants guide please download the pdf file: KNXConsultantsGuidev2.7

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    Advantages of Integration with KNX:

    • Reduced site installation
    • Less cabling, containment and wastage
    • Efficient installation - one contractor - one system
    • Increased levels of control and functionality
    • Increased energy efficacy - more sustainable
    • Improved environmental comfort
    • Enhanced user experience
    • Reduced number of devices on the wall
    • Wider range of products to select from
    • Not Locked into be passed from one application to another
    • Applications can share devices
    • Standard commission procedures
    • Open protocol - end client has full access
    • Flexible and fully upgradeable
    • Forwards compatibility
    • Reduced maintenance