Sound knowledge and experience of Mr. Shah both about Indian user Needs & Technical knowhow.

Availability of experienced technical team, having experience of not less than 8 years, about programming & implementation of low voltage systems. Also having practical knowledge of High voltage wiring.

Successful project completion.

Legal contracts with Principal companies & their sound support due to close relations over 10 years.

Customers already have trust in the Technology, NTL has very good reputation over 20 years, with Architects & consultants.

Cost effective solution from Germany.

Cross - platform integration capability. ( KNX, LON, ENOCEN, BACNET,IR, Wi-Fi)

Showroom in key areas of India to let the customer experience the solution to feel the advantage & power.

Strong marketing team, having good knowledge about products as well as good relation with architects in Mumbai, which is a financial capital of India.

Channel partners, across India, to capture the better share of Automation market. Workshop & training center to train channel partner s practically.

Vision to outsource the technical skills & to have a KNX training center.

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