CSR - Corporate Social Responsibility

We at Light And Magic Automation are focused on the cause about our Corporate Social Responsibility.

It is our basic responsibility to contribute to make a better society and a cleaner environment by saving natural resources like water, trees, energy etc.

At Light And Magic Automation, we are very particular on usage of natural resources, by using of maximum of advanced technology, in our office premises. We make use of recycled paper, that to the minimum extent by using more on electronic communication, messages/ mails etc., do not write or take printout, unless its very important documentation. We also take care of electronic devices we use in our daily consumption like Air-condition are all 5 star rated machines, to save power and also ensure that all our electronic devices like TV, Oven, Geyser are all switched off from the main power., Even all our luminaries are also energy-efficient, and regulated with dimmers and motion sensor, to save unnecessary wastage of power.

All our employees are trained to use maximum amount of natural resources & to minimize the wastage of valuable energy.

We also provide training & campaign on saving energy consumption & ensure pollution under control, do plantation, grow more trees & make the world go GREEN.

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